Showcase Your Vision Through Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Revolutionize Your Sales. Let Your Clients Virtually Experience Your Product, Service or Brand

Showcase Your Vision Through Virtual Reality Walk-Throughs

Revolutionize Your Sales. Let Your Clients Virtually Experience Your Product, Service or Brand

Meet Virtual Lab.

Based in Boston MA, we are an innovative team of designers, marketers, and coders who work with game-changing Tech.

Working with Brands, Products, and Services, we unleash the power of Virtual and Augmented Reality to tell your story.

Take what you do to the next level, a way your customers will find indispensable.

Our Services.

VR Training

We craft highly-immersive training experiences that employees won’t ever forget.

Through controlled and designed virtual environments, employees can practice handling situations, using equipment or performing procedures.

Let your employees & team become experts without the risks and time losses of real time training.

VR Tours

We provide unforgettable Virtual Tours that will sky rocket your sales.

Aimed for Real Estate, Architecture, e-Commerce, Industrial, or any market aiming to showcase a virtual walkthrough, our innovative solutions are elegant, easy to use and simple.

We provide customized the technology to your needs, from web based tours to white labeled apps for IOS and Android.

Custom VR

Our team of professional designers, coders and UX experts will produce customized solutions to your needs.

Our applications seamlessly merge 360° Photos & Video, 3D Models and traditional media. We adapt our solution to your request, either in Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), or Mixed Reality (MR) environments.

The posibilities in VR are almost limitless. You can trust our team to bring your custom project to life.

“Working with Virtual Lab has been really easy and straightforward. With the VR app our last building’s units were sold faster than ever!”
Mark Primack – Santa Cruz, CA

“Virtual Lab has revolutionized our training processes through the introduction of VRT. Hope we continue working together with such a brilliant team of creative engineers.”
Jason Crawford, ATKINS – London, UK

Technologies we work with.


Fully mobile, white labeled Andriod and iOS Apps.

No need for expensive headsets! These 360º immersive solutions simply use Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, or none at all.

Let your clients interact with what you do, on the go.


PC VR delivers the deepest immersive VR solutions.

These need a gamer computer and high technology headsets due to the processing power that is required.

This solution provides you, and your clients, access to what you do in the most powerfully immersive and interactive environment.


Web-based VR allows your clients to experience what you do through an immersive 360º virtual tour.

Through the tour, you can interact with your customer through tagged information, in the form of text, audio, photo, or video content.

With no headset needed, let your clients interact with you from any device.


Augmented Reality (AR) is a merge between Real Life and Virtual Reality.

AR layers virtual content in the real world, letting you add information and interactions with your client on top of a real-world space or an actual product.

Your customers can experience AR in mobile, tablet & holographic headsets. Let us deliver what you do to your clients in the most immersive and interactive environment!

Industries we serve

Real Estate & Construction

Developers & Agents, enhance your Sales through Virtual viewing walkthrough tours. Your Clients experience their future lifestyle.

Education & e-Learning

Real world experience from a training environment for your employees, clients or users through Virtual Reality Training.

Tourism & Hospitality

Show case the crown jewels of your country and/or service. Hotels, Destinations, Cultural & Historical gems brought to life.


Let your clients interact & experience your product. Bring to life their desire & need, revolutionize your Sales.

Marketing, Enterteinment & Media

Bring your Brand to life, let your clients experience why you do what you do. Connect with them in a new, deeper way.

e-Commerce & Retail

Enhance your sales. Create a new, powerful, differentiated, personalized & convenient shopping expereince for your customers.

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