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New England Biolabs, a recognized world leader in the discovery & development of reagents for genomic research, launches an annual catalog of their products every year. Virtual Lab aided NEB to make their catalogs more immersive by adding unique content triggered through the NEB AR App.

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The Challenge

New England Biolabs is a recognized world leader in developing, discovering, and commercializing reagents for genomic research.

NEB launches a new annual catalog every year, covering all their products, and sends it to their audience and clients. NEB needed to improve their Catalogs to make them appealing for the new cohorts of younger scientists.

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Our Solution

Virtual Lab developed a mobile AR App for NEB, meant to be a tool used across most of their products.

Every Catalog since 2018 has been enhanced with 3D assets and great content, only triggered with the app. NEB's packaging and business cards can also be scanned with the app, adding helpful context and information to the end-user.

Butterfly markers are now a trademark in NEB's content.

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VLAB helped us to reach younger audiences with the aid of AR. We really look forward to keeping on working with them for the long term.


Deana Martin

Marketing Associate Director

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