Training Center VR Experience

After opening their main training center in Charlotte, NC, AXALTA decided they needed a terrific digital way to showcase such a unique place.. In conjunction with Knowledge Anywhere, our job was to create a VR Mobile App to help AXALTA showcase this facility to their clients and invite them to make an appointment.

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The Challenge

Knowledge Anywhere is AXALTA's e-Learning Partner, providing innovative solutions along the e-learning front (LMS platform, Course development, and LCDS, among other services). In this case, KA was looking for a mobile app to help AXALTA showcase their new training center in Charlotte, NC, and provide an immersive tool for clients to experience this space and appoint a visit.

The Training Center was such a fabulous place that 2D images were not enough to capture the essence. Virtual Reality was the right solution to pack a fully immersive experience that transmitted the whole nature of this facility to AXALTA's clients.

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Our Solution

After analyzing the project, VLAB sent a 360 photo shooting team to get high-quality images of the whole place, from the entrance to the last corner. Images were stitched to create fully spheric 360 images.

The pano pictures linked through portals and knowledge points were added along with the patch, containing helpful information in audio, image, and video format.

The app was distributed through the app stores for both iOS and Android devices.


In AXALTA's project Virtual Lab trully showed their magic. Such an amazing facility needed a top notch VR tour and VLAB nailed it completely.

Founder & President, Knowledge Anywhere

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