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ERANGE EV Tires is the latest tire brand from Sailun Tires, entirely devoted to EV vehicles. An Augmented Reality App was built so that ERANGE EV Tires could showcase the features of their products to their new clients.

The Challenge

ERANGE EV Tires are truly made for EV vehicles. Their composition, design, and technical capabilities completely differ from gas vehicles' tires.

This is why the ERANGE team needed a way to showcase such characteristics to potential clients, outlining all their features to potential buyers.

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Our Solution

Virtual Lab team developed a set of animations triggered by a custom-made AR App. Such animations are triggered through marker triggers and markerless AR world calibration processes.

The experience showcases the evolution of the tire from 1900 until the present and focuses on the outstanding performance of ERANGE EV Tires.


The output of Virtual Lab for this project was remarkable. It's been a pleasure working with them.


Tomas Cleary

Marketing & Comms Manager

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