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Memorial City VR Tour

Memorial City is a premier mixed-use development owned and managed by MetroNational and located in West Houston. Our job was to develop a Web VR Tour that allowed clients to discover the MacCarthy, a collection of unique apartment homes located inside Memorial City.

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The Challenge

During the construction of the Zaza Hotel at Memorial City, Metro National decided to kick off the sales process of the apartment units way before any unit was finished. To accomplish this, a fine 360 rendering was needed, including the spaces and the whole decor of the future units.

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Our Solution

After analyzing the project, our 3D design team spent two weeks defining all the specs with Metro National's construction & design team. This was a challenging task since the decor and furnishing of the apartment weren't fully defined, so it involved a great effort between both teams to specify every detail.

With the final 360 renders, our development team used Unity to produce a top-notch web-based 360+VR tour.

The results for the client were astonishing in terms of how fast they were able to sell the properties, way before the building completion.

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Metro National

VLAB helped us to reach younger audiences with the aid of AR. We really look forward to keep on working with them for the long term.

VP of Property Management, Metro National

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