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The StoryCoins AR App

Jonathan Zuker, a young artist from Rockport MA, developed a set of artistic coins that summarized his most iconic art pieces. With the help of Virtual Lab, these art coins came to life through an AR scanning app that revealed a more profound message behind each artwork.

The Story Coin Devices

The Challenge

Artist Jonathan Zuker was looking for a digital way of transmitting the meaning of his paintings. Such a meaningful and profound message was hiding behind his beautiful artwork and needed to be disclosed modernly.

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Our Solution

The Storycoins is a selection of the best art pieces of Jonathan. Each metal coin contains an artwork print that includes a message. Through an AR App, the coins can be scanned, and a video shows up explaining each coin content and the story behind that painting.

The Story Coin L
The Story Coin

Virtual Lab has become our go-to tech partner. We plan to keep on working with them in all our forecoming projects.

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